In November of 2012 we were invited to submit our designs to a retail exhibition in New York. We submitted 9 designs that you can download and print yourself. Here is a picture of them. Each one is available in the Free Designs section of the site.

Photo Gallery of MakerLove Designs:
We call this vibe the “organic communicator”. You can find the design on our Free Designs page.

The next design is our first. It is a heart with a hole. It’s a large device that is best used for back rubs and massage. You can download it for free from our Free Designs page.

The Pebble - This pebble shaped vibrator has sensual pleasure bumps on one face. The design includes the correct hole for our suggested bullet vibrator. You can download the design of this pebble vibrator from our Free Designs page.

This is our G-Spot Wand. You can also download and print this design from our Free Designs page.